Fix My Super

'Fix My Super' exists to help everyday Australians identify and address all of their Superannuation problems

Government research and news reports consistently indicate that the majority of Australians are struggling when it comes to saving enough money to build a secure retirement. While the “savings shortfall” can be traced back to a variety of problems, far too many Australians have left their Super up to chance and aren’t sure what to do. 

That’s where we come in.

Not sure if your Super is on the right track?

Worried you’ll outlive your retirement savings?

Concerned you might have left things too late?

Want to know if you’re with the wrong Super fund?

Curious about whether your Super is underperforming?

Want to learn the strategies to boost your Super balance?

What if you could boost your Super by double or triple in 15 years?

Do you find the Super system confusing to navigate?

Could you, a friend, or a family member use expert help?

Not sure where to start?

Super Made Simple For Everyday Aussies

We understand that many people put off fixing their finances because the subject can seem daunting or complicated. For this reason, we see the most important part of our job as putting high-quality information in simple, easy-to-understand terms – no matter your background, financial knowledge, or stage of life. There’s a world of options waiting to be explored.

Why Do Some Retire With So Much More?

Wondering how some Australians manage to retire with a Super balance that dwarfs the national average? It’s not secret knowledge. The problem is that most Australians remain unfamiliar with the Superannuation system, what strategic options are available, and how to make a significant difference in their retirement savings in a short time. To avoid spending 20-30 years living in “retirement poverty,” we must address the Super crisis – and that starts with knowledge of the essentials.

Many Solutions Are Available to Fix Your Super

Many people think the strongest options for wealth creation involve moving to an unnecessary Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) or investing in direct property, but this is entirely unique to one’s personal circumstances. Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all.


Strategies such as changing your fund management, making personal contributions, consolidating multiple Super accounts, and optimising investment portfolios can play a crucial role in enhancing your Superannuation and financial well-being.


Unlike traditional Super funds that are “passively managed,” Platform Superannuation portfolios, which are ‘actively managed,” are able to counteract the impact of market shocks such as COVID and can proactively take advantage of investment opportunities in the markets. Having an actively managed portfolio could be worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars over the long run.

Explore possibilities for doubling your retirement savings.

Traditional Funds vs. Platform Wrap Superannuation Accounts


Passively Managed

Typical industry super funds are passively managed, which means they reflect the market’s performance — when the market rises, so does your super balance; however, it also falls during downturns like the GFC or COVID-19. Over a five-year period, such funds typically generate returns of 5-10%, aligning with market averages and encompassing both peaks and troughs of market performance.



Actively Managed

In contrast, our Platform Superannuation Funds embrace an active management strategy. This approach seeks to mitigate risks during market slumps and seize growth opportunities, with the goal of surpassing typical market returns. By potentially adding an extra 3-5% to your annual returns, active management can significantly boost your retirement savings, offering you the comfort of a secure retirement.


7 Quick Ideas to Fix Your Super

Like most Australians, you might be worried about whether you’re doing the right thing with your Superannuation and wondering if you’ll have enough savings to last your retirement. This free guide “7 Quick Ideas to Fix Your Super” is what you need to take back control of your Super RIGHT NOW.

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Mick Carew
11 out of 10
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Yvette Reiser
Cameron and his team go above and beyond to advise you on the best financial path to help you reach your goals.
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Steve Savage
When we turned to a financial advisor for assistance with superannuation we were impressed and delighted to have Cameron at Essential Planner make the choices we couldn't. Confidence is key and we have been very happy with his guidance to date.
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Natalie Hue'ge de Serville
Having Cameron as a financial planner has been a blessing, he has gone above and beyond to help my husband and I with our financial future. He answers questions after hours, which is a breath of fresh air when you really need answers quickly. If you are looking for a company to assist with your financial choices, THIS is the will not be disappointed. Don't wait, get in touch with Cameron now. Make your dreams for the future a reality.
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Carl Searle
Courteous, easy to understand and Cameron did exactly what he said he would. Pleasure to work with.
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Julia Zielke
Cameron, Michelle and the team have been fantastic. I found changing super funds and moving to a financial advisor such a big decision. Cameron was so patient with me and answered ever single little question that I had. Cameron really knows his stuff is 100% dedicated to getting results for clients. Highly recommend.
Cameron Kelly has de-mystified the navigation moving from a locked down deferred superannuation fund to another fund with an allocated pension. He has provided high quality advice and expertise in allowing me to make confident and informed decisions about my financial future. Having an actively managed super fund allows me to take immediate advantage of market changes. Essential Planner staff are brilliant and very helpful with superb customer service with all enquiries, ensuring immediate follow up and resolution of issues that may arise. The package provided by Cameron through consultation meets our current and future financial needs. I strongly recommend that others consider Cameron Kelly and Essential Planner to manage their superannuation financial situation.
Megan Cleary
Megan Cleary
I’m happy to give a 5 star review for the service I’ve received from Essential Planner. Cameron and his team have been very easy to work with. Cameron was able to explain Super in a way that made sense and all my questions were answered very promptly. Each step of the journey has been well managed. I’m loving my new portfolio and financial advice package. I feel organised and in control of my future. I’d highly recommend Cameron and his team to help you get retirement ready.
Jason Payne
Jason Payne
I have found Cameron & the team very supportive when going through the process of getting to know me, and their help in setting up for my future. I look forward to achieving these goals with your expertise to guide me along the way. Thank you.

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Whether you’re dreaming of an early retirement, want to discuss strategies for maximising your Super, or just want to make sure your Super is on the right track, that’s what our “Worry-Free Retirement Analysis” is for. We can address all your needs and answer any questions you may have.

  • Identify any serious problems with your current Super setup

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  • Get clarity on how much you need to retire comfortably

  • Discover if you’re on track for your retirement goals

  • Receive a take-home “Worry-Free Retirement Financial Plan


This can occur because all members are put into a 1 size fits all mentality as a replacement for the governments aged pension. Industry funds are not able to give personal financial advice based upon members’ personal goals or take into account personal circumstances.


Industry funds are not wealth creators or financial planners.